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  • "Hope in & of itself is supernatural, wraps itself around us & carries us out"

    Do you know why? Hope is Jesus, with out Him, it does not exist. He is our GUARANTEED victory, no matter what your broken heart, doctors report, or any other hopeless situation tries to scream at you today. Rest in the arms of the one who knows, who fights for you and who will carry you through to the other side. He is for you, He is for me, He is my victory.

    ‪#‎ouronlyhope‬ Jesus.

    Thank you to Kevin and all of my friends You guys are the real deal. Thank you for such a beautiful article.

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  • For all of you that asked, the podcast from my husband Donnie Petty on all things dating & relationships is now up & available for listening! God's purpose for dating, is to reveal to you in His perfect timing, the person meant to run this race along side of you. TOGETHER, you can do more for the Kingdom, than apart. He is MORE than able & ALWAYS has your best in mind! Not to mention, God's way is the only way that works... Take the journey with us!

    Listen to the podcast HERE.

  • Dara recently spoke with Impress Your Peers, discussing her latest album Wanted, new song "Set My People Free", and other things she is passionate about. Head over to read the full interview: